Sunday, August 30, 2009

Play time

Here is a little bit of randomness for your viewing pleasure...

I started this piece last week before I went on a very short (and very fun) vacation. I sat down ready to do a self-portrait, but ended up drawing an ostrich instead...ha ha ha talk about weird huh? (The first picture is kind of dark...but the second came out a lot better)

It's coming along. Just having fun with it. Can't wait to see where it ends up!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Here is a random sketch I did while waiting in Penn station. I never really liked drawing in ball point pen until now. I started because I forgot my pencils at home once and it was the only thing to draw with.
As i mentioned before, this summer I had an internship (a very cool one at that). I interned in the media division at Scholastic. It was the the best experience ever. I was able to work on actual projects the entire time, such as packaging for audio cds. I will also be getting samples of the projects I worked on...YAY!!! I love samples. The team I worked with was so wonderful. They were very helpful and everyone I encountered was extremely nice (we also had cupcakes on a few occasions..and if there's anything i love more than blueberry muffins it's cupcakes).

If you ever have a chance to do an internship go for it....there is no such thing as a bad internship.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


WOOHOOO! I just figured out how to change my header...i created it in photoshop first, saved for web, then uploaded it. Now that I did it it wasn't that hard but technology doesn't really like me.

I love watercolor

Here are some more sketches.. the first one is the little guy i posted previously. Finished him off with some more watercolor and a snippet of collage. I named him Bryce.

This second sketch (the page on the right) is also watercolor and collage. It was raining that day and my shoes were soaked (they had holes in the heels. i really liked them still, but had to admit that they needed to be put to rest. ha ha)...maybe that's why she looks sad. The page on the left is a host of amusing faces. they make me laugh.