Monday, August 17, 2009


Here is a random sketch I did while waiting in Penn station. I never really liked drawing in ball point pen until now. I started because I forgot my pencils at home once and it was the only thing to draw with.
As i mentioned before, this summer I had an internship (a very cool one at that). I interned in the media division at Scholastic. It was the the best experience ever. I was able to work on actual projects the entire time, such as packaging for audio cds. I will also be getting samples of the projects I worked on...YAY!!! I love samples. The team I worked with was so wonderful. They were very helpful and everyone I encountered was extremely nice (we also had cupcakes on a few occasions..and if there's anything i love more than blueberry muffins it's cupcakes).

If you ever have a chance to do an internship go for it....there is no such thing as a bad internship.

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