Friday, February 26, 2010

A present for Traci

I promised Traci I would make her a Coptic bound sketchbook and it's finally here!! Very exciting. It's identical to the one I made myself last semester except that the waxed linen thread is white instead of blue (and the end pages are a different pattern). Here are a few process shots:

...and here is the end result:

Today was a very good bookbinding day. I only poked myself with the needle four times (and that was at the very very end of the sewing process), I didn't get a single drop of glue on the covers, and I didn't run out of thread. It took me five hours straight to complete it from start to finish and I am very very happy with the outcome.


  1. its is a great mini tutorial you have going. you should film your self next time and put it so people can actually learn to make a book :)

  2. woow..i always wanted to learn how to do coptic binding.. do you know of a tutorial I can find.. would really love to tryone myself!!

  3. Thanks noella! I don't know of any specific tutorials you could glance at, but a great book to check out is Non-adhesive Binding by Keith Smith. Many other books have instructions on the technique as well. You could also try looking on Youtube if you are more of a visual learner. Who knows..maybe I will make a video:)